medjoulFormerly many Arabs were forced to travel through the desert. Countless are the stories of the fallen who did not survive the scorching heat. Reaching an oasis was pure wealth. Imagine that after a long journey, more dead than alive, total dried out, you arrive at an oasis. At that oasis grow Palms containing the largest dates you’ve ever seen and the most delicious you’ve ever tasted.

What a sensation of taste that must have given. The date is the undisputed number 1 under the Medjoul dates. The traveler who finds the Medjoul in the middle of the dessert is King.

The King among the dates

The 100% natural Medjoul dates forms the pinnacle of dates. They are wrapped in their natural state, there are no additionals. Medjoul dates vary in color from light to dark brown, depending on the area where they grow. Medjouls are not only unique in their taste, but also for their juicy flavour.


The fresh dates are available throughout the year and have a long shelf life when cooled, without sacrificing the taste.


Nutritional values (per 100 grams)

The Medjoul is an enormously responsible delicacy. The date is 100% natural. It contains a flinter in vegetable fats but they are bursting with vitamins. Over 13 mg of the date are pure vitamins. Next to that, the fruit is rich in other healthy nutrients.

Calories 283 kcal. /1.160 kJ.

Total fat 0.4 g

total carbohydrate

Total Protein 1.6 g 68.0 Gr.

total Minerals 0.6 gr.

total in vitamins 13.1 mg.

Primofin Fruit

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